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Our History

Our History

The company name Sormec comes from the first part of Mr Sorrentino name, which is fused with the beginning of the word Mechanical. At the outset, the company targeted fishing boats. The market was not that large, but over time with a lot of work and reinvestments the company has grown and new horizons have been opened. Bigger projects for ship deck cranes began to take place and Sormec was involved in taking advantage of the new opportunities.

Over years, and thanks to continuous investments and research, Sormec extended and became a stronger company periactin tablets buy, cheap lioresal. aiming for the offshore sector and offering a large range of products. Today, Sormec can provide stiff boom, telescopic, knuckle, elbow and foldable cranes, and also for life-saving we provide the rescue davits or fast deployment davits (a-frame cranes).

For the offshore sector we invested energy, time and ambition to be able to provide to our customers different types of systems, like AHC (Active Heave Compensation or CT Constant Tension), MOPS (Manual Overload Protection System), AOPS (Automatic Overload Protection System).

The company also offers technical, commercial and engineering support and a spare parts service. It is certificated ISO 9001 and API-2C and has also been recognized as meeting ISO 14001 in terms of the work it does to protect the environment.