Area Artigianale - C.da Sasi Alcamo 91011 - ITALY
+39 0924 502655

In this memorial year marking our 25thA�anniversary, Sormec revolutionizes its corporate identity. New website, new design for the catalogue and a new logo: dynamic, modern, simpler.

Our logo shows Sormec main values: quality, professionalism and transparency.

Sormec is a young company periactin tablets buy, cheap lioresal. with a long history. It is thank to the intuition of Mr Sorrentino, the brand founder, that the company has achieved thus far.

We can count on a team of 130 highly skilled and motivated young people, who spend a lot of energy in trying to create a business that can meet the needs of our customers.

The new merchandising is part of our marketing campaign too: we thought about some little presents for our customers, to thank them for their continued loyalty over the years.

This campaign is our A�way to celebrate 25 years of work, research and growth.