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Thanks to the experience acquired year by year Sormec Marine and Offshore Cranes has reached positive results with concern to quality. Quality is the core values of everyday work, with regard to product, service and all the activities which lead to a complete customer satisfaction.

We donai??i??t work with sub-contractors, we make everything in our workshops and this means that weAi??can control the production process, make sure the quality is right. We do everything, from cuttingAi??the steel sheets, folding, welding, machining, sand blasting and painting, to assembling andAi??shipping the cranes.

Sormec is able to compete on price and with quality, but what really marks it out the firmai??i??s ability toAi??answer customersai??i?? requirements which supplement its development of cutting-edge, highlyAi??customised products. In order to deliver only the best possible solutions, the company constantlyAi??invests in new equipment.

To make significant improvements in design, commodities purchasing, manufacturing and assembling, Sormec has undertaken a documented process of quality levels, in which Certification Authorities, such as R.I.NA., LRS, DNV, BV, ABS, GL, CCS, RMRS, have been formally involved. In order to improve Quality Management System, performance indicators and measurable targets have been adopted. Thanks to this control process, which is revised and renewed every year, development and progress are constantly under care and attention.

Our Certifications

The painting, bi-component type, is realized to guarantee the best protection and adherence toAi??the surfaces. All semimanufactured steel products are shot blasted with a grade of SA 2 A?, inAi??accordance ISO8501-1 (DIN55928). Before painting the crane and all components such as motorAi??reduction gear, slewing ring, valves, distributor, are thoroughly washed to clean all surfacesAi??from oil and grease to realize the maximum adhesion.

To guarantee the best resistance against the marine corrosion every component is paintedAi??independently before the assembling.

The painting procedure is performed in order zoloft, buy Zoloft online. the following phases:

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