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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible technical lifting solutions at the highest quality standards with the shortest lead times in the industry at a competitive price.
Our real strength is that we aim to give customers exactly what they want. We don’t have astandard product, we try to find out what suits our customers requirement best. We work with customers all the way through the process and we support them afterwards and we offer a spare parts service.

The company, through experience gained over the years, has achieved satisfactory results which, in addition to job satisfaction, have made us more critical of the actions carried out during production operations.

Our main goal is to listen to our customers and please them by delivering unique solutions. We like to define us as tailors of the sea.

The scientific and technological know-how is the result of a dynamic approach to the market requirements and of an everlasting quality improvement. New ideas and assiduous researchon products, services and brand image, have been constantly made to ensure the complete customers satisfaction.

The company winning strategy full compliance with customer requirements and constant research studies for achieving new and efficient technical solutions has made Sormec an appreciated company all over the world.