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The crane is protected of loads which are higher than the loads estimated in the crane design by an automatic overload protection system (AOPS). Activation of AOPS shall disengage the slewing and hoisting brakes automatically and shall reset to the initial position when the conditions for activation are no longer present. If the activation conditions return, it shall be activated again.
Manual Overload Protection System has the same function as AOPS but it works both during normal operation of the crane and in event of a power failure, that the reason why it is important that this function is activated Amateur girlfriend webcam show with rimjob and analmanually. But it shall not be possible to activate the MOPS when the personnel lift mode is selected.
The Constant Tension equipment is an active rope tension system that keeps the rope constantly in tension. As soon as the crane moves because of boat oscillations, the load moves too. By an appropriate system of winch functioning, the rope compensates all the global movements.
AHC system is a system of active compensation of sea movements; it permits to firmly maintain the load at a fixed point in the sea space, by compensating the crane oscillations during lifting phase. An advanced system, acting both directions on the winch rotation, allows an immediate compensation.

Click here to watch the video – Sormec Subsea AHC Crane M1600/2S

A wide range of optional equipment is available to be installed in our cranes:

  • oil cooler (water/oil or air/oil) in the hydraulic system;
  • oil heating elements in the hydraulic system;
  • operator cabin (with A/C):

Sormec installs operator cabins as per clients requests, such as split air conditioning, heat absorbing windows, window wipers and ergonomic seat inside.

  • marine winches with limiting switch rope up/down;
  • hydraulic limiting switch rope up/down for the winch system;
  • electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic power unit with starting panel:

Electro hydraulic or Diesel power unit complete of electrical panel, emergency push button, oil tank and manual pump. Each unit is equipped with a fluid level indicator and thermometer. Standard three phase electric motors available in match customers specified voltage and frequency.

This package includes: an electric motor 380V/3ph/50Hz or 440V/3ph/60Hz, oil resevoir, pump, return line filter, oil level indicator and control panel.

  • stainless steel AISI 316 hoses and fittings;
  • limiting moment device;
  • centralized greasing system;
  • different paint procedure;
  • public address system;
  • boom rest;
  • warning and flood lights;
  • load cell;
  • Sormec crane control system;
  • anemometer;
  • anti-collision system;
  • radio remote control:
      Radio remote control system with radio data transmission offers maximum safety and convenience. It is available either as a cable remoter or radio remote control system
    • HMI touch screen:
        it is an electronic management system that allows the control and the visualization of the crane status and of all possible movements that can be performed at any time. The device allows to perform movements even when the crane is blocked, due to an excessive weight , in order to place the load into a safe location.The display 10.4 Touch Screen shows all the important crane parameters as the Safety working load; Actual load, Hook load as percentage of SWL, etc. The system can be connected in remote to allow our technicians to make diagnostic on the machine in case of malfunctions, and eventually modify and correct the problems.
  • various Pedestal height.

Special equipment:

  • certification for lifting of personal;
  • man riding winch;
      The winch is approved and certified for personnel lifting, equipped with a mechanical brake, separate and independent hydraulic circuit that reacts directly on the winch drum; the hydraulic circuit furnish the possibility to individually test the secondary brake to verify its efficiency. All the cylinders equipped with independent circuits that supply the hydraulic brake, using an overcenter valve directly connected to every single cylinder. In the man-riding mode the following function are maintained:

    • Brake automatically active when the levers are in neutral position and in the case of emergency stop being active or the event of power failure;
    • The crane equipped with a system to recuperate personnel in the case of emergency;
    • Manual overload protection system (MOPS),if present, shall be overridden.
  • double drum hydraulic winch with double rope system;
  • Atex certification for crane and components;
  • arctic work temperature (-40Ai??C);
  • manual overload protection system (MOPS);
  • automatic overload protection system (AOPS);
  • constant tension rope system (CT)
  • active heave compensation (AHC);
  • emergency stop push button;